domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

What you have to say about this?

When I was released I was kneeling on the floor in front of James and quickly took his hardening cock in my mouth. I was amazed at the size and texture of velvet purple glans as I swirled my tongue around him happily lapping up the drops of precum on the end. "It is easier for you all when you step on the bed and hang your head on one side with a few pillows under your shoulders and neck to be taken." Jacques said. I did what he asked and he came beside me and put his cock in my face. I tried to suck it to lubricate it with my saliva. "Easy", he said, "not greedy, take your time." I slowed my pace, and he started to push me into your mouth gradually. Approximately 5 cm where I started to choke and began to worry that he would cut off my windpipe. I resisted this reflex and allowed him to push his cock in her throat, his balls were on my nose. Slowly he began to withdraw, and I breathed a sigh of relief when he comes out of my throat. Then he began to push in. We must continue on this path for a while, then he began to gain ground. I did my best to sucking and breathing at the same time and not hurt him with my teeth. Now he was fucking my mouth almost as hard as he had before my asshole. This time, seemed to take forever for him to cum and my jaw and neck were very tired and sore. Fortunately, he finally came and I soaked in every precious drop of cum as I could. James was breathless and closed his eyes, when I cleaned his cock with my tongue. Finally, James looked at his watch and said, "I need to start, but it was really nice to meet you." Stunned, I just nodded. James grabbed his clothes and shoes and put them on and left without a word. I sat on the bed and Joline came and sat next to me. "They certainly had one night. What you have to say about this?" , She said. I said nothing. I packed and French kissed, transfer some of the rest of my cum in his mouth. She acted shocked, but I can tell she really loved. That night we made love with a ferocity of passion that we have ever known. My throat was sore, my ass was on fire and my bowels were loose for three days. But damn, it was always worth it. Now, if we get into the mood, we just want to get our video and watch it. Tonight I'll see what Joline won a bracelet 8 inches. I can not wait to see what they do with it. Cumlouder Forum

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His sperm landed on my face

It must have been sent Joline on the edge. I saw his knees buckle and she almost fell off the unit. It was all the encouragement needed James. He started to beat me like a jackhammer. It seemed an eternity of torture, filled with pain and joy, and fear and joy all mixed in my feelings. But it was only a minute or two before it starts to cramp and said, "I will!" He withdrew from me and let the first one, gaping, empty hole. The relief I felt at that moment was ... indescribably wonderful, probably closer to what a woman an orgasm feels like, that I will ever experience. He ripped his condom and I opened my mouth, so he knows where to put his burden. He started above the bed on my face and just as his cock near my chin, he let go. His sperm landed on my face. I took my tongue and licked my best to show my gratitude. I had never tasted another man's ejaculate. It was not bad taste, just a little salty and sticky, I thought. When he finished cumming James climbed out of bed and my wife came to remove the handcuffs. He started with his shirt, but I said, "Wait, there's one thing." "What is it?" He asked. "I want you deep throat." Joline could not believe his ears. "My, you're not a little bitch right? How do you feel?" "I feel ... I feel like a bitch in heat, thirst cum like a whore, "I replied, and scare him. Videos Porno

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Fuck me. Please fuck me!

He placed a pillow under my butt and told me to my knees and bring them to spread widely. I met, how he climbed onto the bed and many lubricated condom and ky on his middle finger. He added a little more jelly, her fingers, then he ran his fingers around my asshole lubricated. After a few moments, he pushed his finger. The coldness of his fingers with lubricant felt very strange, but not uncomfortable. He explained his finger slide in and out and up and down and side to side to detach myself from the main event. I even think I started to appreciate a bit. "They are certainly close," he said, "but you will." Then he pulled his fingers and climbed onto the bed until her face was directly above me. "Are you ready?" I said, yes, how he placed my ankles on his shoulders and laid her head on his tail at my back door. Slowly and carefully, he began to push forward. I felt my sphincter stretch to the limit trying to respond to this intrusion. He fought for the big mushroom head of his cock to get inside me and I felt a sharp burning pain down there like I was torn. "Stop!" I cried. I felt the intruder to withdraw quickly from my hell. My body was shaking and my legs were weak from the shock of pain. But James does not get emptied easily. After a few moments to calm down, once again James placed the tip of his cock against my asshole. He looked at me and I said "Ok". Once again I felt his cock push beyond the objections of my sphincter and into my rectum. This time there was a little less pain. I looked up at him and nodded my approval low. I could feel after inch of his cock slips slowly inches into me and stuffed my gut. I started a deep severe cramping feeling that my rectal walls contain forward to his huge cock. But I gritted my teeth and hold on. I was not going to stop now. Finally I felt his balls against my ass grinding, I knew it all took me in and let out a small sigh of relief when the pain subsided slightly. I looked across the bed and I could see that my wife was completely stripped of her negligee and was fingering with one hand and try to hold the camera to another. James began to slowly pull his tail and push in. My God, I was fucked in the ass by a man! As I began to relax a little, I began to know James Hahn a little more appreciated. I could feel the softness of the great ass, my prostate massage and how it forced my way back, the intrusion of my being. And I could feel the power and strength of the tree, as my rectal cavity filled with his "lively heat. When he retired I felt the cold emptiness behind me the intestines collapsed around him trying desperately to keep their new intimate love left. Shot in my head, I did not know if I cry in pain or ecstasy. I knew only one thing I had that cock in me. Joline and I looked straight into the camera and begging. "Fuck me. Please fuck me!" Videos Porno

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Where are the condoms?

I must admit that my wife Joline has always been more adventurous than I especially sexually. Let me first describe them. She is about 5'8 "140 pounds big., Long, flaming red hair, large, soft, brown eyes, freckles all over his body, a beautiful ass, and 36c breasts with large pink areola and nipple. She is a goddess of the world can not turn it on with her smile. you told me about things I never thought I would try to present as exhibitionism, bondage and mild discipline. But last week I was on my 30th birthday in a whole new level introduced to sexuality. earlier in the morning before I left for work, she has promised me a night I will never forget, and it must never deliver! Anyway when I got home that evening, I found a note on the kitchen table, I was asked to take a shower and then wait until they undressed in the room. I dreamed of days my way through the shower asked what she had in mind, then dried and I waited patiently on the bed, as she had requested. After a short time, she entered the room wearing her sexy black negligee. The mere sight of it made the blood of my head. She approached the bed and told me to just close your eyes, lean back on the bed and spread my arms over my head, and she would take care of everything. I agree, glad to think what they could do for me if I'm cold steel, felt wrapped around my wrist and stopped him traveling around the bedpost. I was afraid for a moment, then I decided to go with the flow, and offered my other wrist, which she deftly tied to the bedposts with one of my other bands. She just said, eyes closed and tell me when open. When I was finally able to open it, I had the shock of my life. It was to my dismay, at the foot of the bed, a naked man with something that resembled a 7-inch-mounting and my wife was standing there with his video camera. "What ..." I managed to stammer. "Relax," she said. "Remember last month, when you asked me how he's going to get fucked by a man who felt? Now, my love, tonight, you know. This is my second cousin of James, it is gay, so I have asked me this favor. And he said he would like to bust your cherry. " I had trouble getting up, but it was useless, because of restrictions for me. Shot in my head, my heart was pounding in my throat to try both of fear of something too, that in my ass and the excitement of trying to make do. Finally, I calmed down enough to talk. "Okay, but only on two conditions. He wears a rubber, and it stops when you stop saying that I do." "Okay," said James reported, "Where are the condoms and KY jelly?" Joline covers only the nightstand next to our bed, while the camera to the eye and the entire record. James received a packet, it opened and it rolled on its shaft with little difficulty because of its size. The tail has been more than 2 cm in diameter. James saw my anxiety and tried to calm me down. "Relax," he says, "everything will be fine." Sex Shop

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Two Hot Boys With Killer Hot Bodies Suck Dicks

SEE THE VIDEO Marq Rudek and Geof Luigo meet each other at a hotel known for male pleasure. Geof sucks Marq's cock and then they switch it up. Each one of these guys covers the other in sexy cum for the finish!

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Young Blond Twink Grinds His Extremely Tight Ass On The Meat

SEE THE VIDEO After a chance meeting at a cafe, slightly older stud Ben takes blond twink Joey back home to his room for a hot bareback fuck. Joey is shy at first, but Ben soon guides his face down to his prick, fucking the younger man's throat. Joey has got a sweet mouth on him, working the older stud's prick to breaking point. Then Ben lays out Joey, lifting the young man's cock and balls out of the way as he slides into his tight ass hole. He gives him a good pumping with his ankles up around his ears then he bends Joey over and really does him hard! Joey also gets on top at one point, jerking his own dick as he grinds his anus on the meat. Escorts Webcam

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A Cute Gay Teen Couple Fucks And Sucks Hard

SEE THE VIDEO If you saw long haired stud Stevie Blue on the street, you'd think he was a totally regular guy. However, although he seems normal at the beginning of this movie, when we next see him, he is locked inside a cage inside Jay's basement! Jay lets him out, binding the quivering young man by his hands to the wall and spanking him on his bare ass. Young Stevie looks terrified, but there's no mistaking the erection in his underpants! With his hands still bound, leaving him completely helpless, Stevie gets ploughed in his butt, yelping as the bareback cock slides in with virtually no lube. He is extremely tight - now that's got to hurt! Escorts Webcam